Black Shopping Mall

What is the best way to find and support black owned businesses? In today’s times Black people are looking to support and spend their money with reputable black owned businesses. Problem is, is that these businesses are not always that easy to locate, so we have put together a few ideas that can help you find black owned businesses.

1) Online Directories…that are dedicated to supporting black owned businesses. Sometimes these directories can be versatile in nature and cater to many different types and categories of businesses or they can be a niche directory that caters to a direct target market whatever the case online black directories are a great way to find black businesses.

2) Search Engines… going to search engines like google, yahoo, Bing or even DuckDuckGo are great ways to seek out black owned businesses near you. For example if you type in black owned restaurants near me you will get good results. The secret is to ask the search engine exactly what you want and hopefully you will get results.

3) Social Media…is great way to connect with family and friends and to seek out suggestions for what your looking for. Places like Facebook, instergram, Twitter and WhatsApp are a few of the the main places were businesses connect with others buy posting pictures and adding reviews to their listings. This brings them the kind of attention they are seeking and a platform to showcase their business.

4) YouTube… this is also a great way to discover black owned business. Businesses can actually make small commercials and shows about what they do and can teach you how to use the products they sell.