Dating Advice

10 Great dating advice Tips that you can use right away or in the future.

With so many black singles out there, combined with today’s technology, the chances of finding someone compatible, it has become so easy to meet singles. So at Black Seniors Meet we have put together some things to equip you with the tools of Advice to play the online dating game.

We Have put together some Dating Advice tips that you can use to spruce up your current status or help you if your just getting started.

1. Be Clear About What You Want

Knowing if you are looking for Marriage, Dating, Companionship, or something else is an important factor to consider when you approach these dating sites. If someone is just looking to have fun and you are looking for marriage there could be some disparities in the long run.
In 2016 only 29% of African Americans were married compared to 48% of all Americans ( Put that with Black people are one of the largest groups of people that have the lowest rates of marriages, so We suggest that you take your time and don’t move to fast.
Many dating sites offer different options to choose from example an option could be…..Dating with possible long term. suggest be tactful when deciding and be open minded enough when you meet people to explain yourself so that you are clear.

2.) Are you ready to start Dating

Chances are, that if you are checking out dating sites, you are interested in dating. But are you over your ex yet? Are you still half in or half out of another relationship. These types of things can be very misleading and messy when meeting others. Before you get exclusive with someone you should make sure you are free and clear.
 Whether you’re searching for the first time, it’s your first real relationship your looking for or have recently separated from a partner, it is important that you are open and really ready to meet someone new.

3.) Create a Good Profile

In your profile make sure your profile has a clear description of the type of person you would like to meet along with the type of relationship you are looking for. You don’t want to tell it all, leave some mystery. This way people will want to learn more about you. Keep you profile positive that can highlight your good qualities. Creating a profile using Black Seniors Meet suggestions can enhance your online experience.

4.) Take Your Time

First of all, You don’t have to be in a rush. Getting to know someone takes time. Get to know someone before you decide to meet offline. It’s not easy to meet that person that’s best for you. So don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. Patience is key instead of trying to force something to happen. With millions of people using online dating the chances of meeting someone are higher then ever.

5.) Get the best profile pictures

With out a picture the odds of someone even looking at your profile decreases about 50 to 60 percent, so make sure you have a picture. Make sure also that it’s a updated photo, a good head and shoulders shot will do. Don’t do photos with other people either, you need to have you kids and friends in the photos. Black Seniors want to meet you first leave all the others for another time. Make sure the lighting is good with a nice background. We recommend at least 2 photos a head and shoulder photo, and a full body photo. Smiles always help.

6.) Manage your expections

What you see in real life and talk about might be a lot different then the photos you where looking at and the chats you where having. So this is called it starting to get real stage. A person might be taller, shorter, heavier, thinner then what you saw and imagined or envisioned. This is normal and it can work both ways they might be better or worse then what you expected, but keep up front that you arrived in a place where you thought they where worth meeting in the first place.

7.) meet in a public place that you are familiar with.

It’s best to meet in a public place for obvious reasons. It makes meeting more comfortable knowing you feel safe and secure. With others around it takes away the pressure of having to be so private and personal, it gives you the chance to open up more. Knowing we’re you are makes you feel more at home. A local coffee shop, a park or whatever you decide.

8.) Don’t wait to long to meet them

If you are enjoying the conversation, don’t spend weeks before you decide to meet them face to face. Black Seniors have a certain chemistry about them that’s magic. It’s easier to decide weather a potential partner is right for you after you meet them in person. It might even take 2 meetings to decide if you want to go any further with them.

9.) Find the best dating Site for you.

Finding the best site for you takes time and research. Your looking to meet someone so don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars a month. It will cost a lot less then wasting your time trying to meet someone on the outside. When you think about it, if you spent $50 a month on a good dating site and have access to hundreds of singles in your area or close by, that’s priceless.

10.) Match Making and Harmony are important

At Black Seniors Meet we like to be as complete as possible, that’s why this last tip is important. Make sure when you are in conversation you understand and explain what it is you like and what they like. Telling someone you enjoy the outdoors might mean you like camping but to them it means a walk in the park. Amusement parks can mean roller coasters for you but might just mean just playing the games to them. Take the time to really listen to the other person and don’t be scared to ask questions.

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