Dating Ideas

1. Going to a Arcade

This can be a great date and a lot of fun and offer a little competition to the date. With a few good laughs and bragging rights. This can also add some up close and in your face moments with lots of eye contact. Many arcades offer things like shooting some baskets, air hockey, shooting pool, some food and TVs…..

2. Comedy Club

Going to a comedy club on a date is a great way to laugh your way into a romantic evening. Sharing that sense of humor is very important to noticing how compatible the 2 of you are. Comedy clubs can offer drinks and food to go along with the laughs.

3. Good Restaurant

You can have eye to eye contact on this date, with a chance for conversation, while enjoying some good food. It’s a great way to impress your date while wining and dining them. If it’s a well known place that they heard of your can always pick up some extra points.

4. Bowling Alley

A great chance to show off your skills, with plenty of time for great conversation in between throws. Many bowling alleys offer late night bowling with music and food and some even offer arcade games. It can be a great date.

5. Going to a Them Park

What a way to have some thrills…roller coasters will get the adrenaline going while other rides offer a calmer experience. Don’t forget all the challenging games that can win stuffed animals and other prizes your date will have forever. Your new date or relationship can score major points on this one.

6. Visit a Museum or Exhibit

What away to enjoy culture on a first, second, or anytime date, this can always be a great date for first timers or couples. This gives you plenty of time to talk and enjoy things of the world. With a chance to admire each other it’s a great date to hold hands with each other.

7. Taking a Nice Stroll

A nice stroll is a great way to get to know someone while enjoying each other’s company. This date can also be very romantic. If it is at a beach or on a scenic route such as mountains or a garden, route the views can be breathtaking. If you can take them during sunrise or sunset it can offer new beginnings.

8. Paint Night

This night out can be a lot of fun and is quite different. This date offers a chance to show your artistic abilities while sipping some wine or beverage. Many times those paintings end up together on the wall. A keepsake of any date, paint night offers laughs and creativity.

9. Live Concert

Going to a live concert or music event that the two of you both enjoy can be one heck of a great date night. Hearing your favorite songs and singing along, while watching one of your favorite groups is enough to make anyone smile.

10. Karaoke

This date is always near the top of the list. Especially for those who can’t sing. Laughing and just having a good time while enjoying something to drink and maybe some ginger food. For those who can sing what an opportunity to sing to your date and just whooo them over with your magnificent voice.